Is He Wrong for Telling His Sister She ‘Could Use the Exercise’?

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A Reddit user shares their story of getting in trouble for telling their sister that she could use some exercise.

Busy Life

The original poster (OP) explains that they are a full-time nursing student and that they work at a daycare part-time. They also tutor during the week and babysit. One of OP’s coworkers requested time off 4 days in advance. Her request was denied and she quit. Needless to say, OP’s life got very busy, very quickly.

OP says that because their life is now so busy, they don’t want to do anything when they’re at home, and they said their dad respects that. OP then explains that her sister has a pretty easy life. Her school has a no homework policy and she only has soccer practice three days a week.

She has no other responsibilities other than that. OP also said that her sister is “pretty overweight.” Her doctor has told her recently that she needs to start losing weight, but she has been pushing back on all of the diet and exercise plans that are created for her. She claims the doctor is “clearly fatphobic.”

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Sister Rivalry

OP’s dad asked them to walk the dog, and OP said no so their dad told their sister to do it. OP’s sister heard their dad ask OP and decided to go to OP’s room and tell them that dad said they had to walk the dog. OP said no, that their dad told her to do it. She said that since their dad asked OP first, they have to do it.

OP said no again and their sister called OP lazy and said all they do is stay in their room and complain about school and work. Their dad overheard and said that he told her to leave OP alone and walk the dog. OP’s sister continued to make a scene, so OP said “just walk him, you could really use the exercise anyway.”

She left and walked the dog but told their mom what OP said, and their mom is on her side.

Was OP right to say something like that to their sister? Should the sister have listened and walked the dog the first time she was asked? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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