10 Movies That Have Aged Terribly

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We all have movies we remember fondly from our childhood. But would these movies with racial slurs, innuendos, or shady stories be allowed in today’s society?

1. Never Been Kissed

A woman wanting to be a reporter takes an undercover assignment as a high school student to infiltrate the popular crowd. Being socially awkward all her life, she gets into some situations to get an easy laugh.

The problem people have with the film, she is, of course, older, trying to look and act 17. Then she starts to crush on her teacher, who seems to reciprocate. The filmgoers are supposed to be OK with the fact he liked her when she was underage but then get mad when he finds out she is not.

2. Revenge of the Nerds

The movie follows two lovable nerds going off to college. As nerds all their life, it’s no surprise they band together with other nerds to defend themselves against the jocks.

What makes this movie age poorly is a scene where one of the nerdy main characters wears a mask with the intent to seduce the girlfriend of the jock he is fighting against. His rouse works, and in the end, she breaks up with her jock boyfriend for the nerd.

3. Blank Check

A young boy comes into possession of a blank check. He writes an amount of one million dollars and proceeds to cash the check. Of course, the movie follows the boy’s hi-jinks of trouble and ridiculous money spending for some cheap laughs.

Meanwhile, a 20-something undercover agent posing as a bank teller is inserting herself into the boy’s life, thinking this boy’s fake boss is up to no good. What makes this movie uncomfortable for some is when the agent kisses the boy and tells him to call her in 10 years.

4. Overboard

A poor man working as a carpenter designs a closet for a wealthy woman. The woman is cruel and rude and then refuses to pay him. She has an accident and ends up with amnesia. The carpenter takes advantage of that, convincing her he is her husband and his four children are hers.

Somehow through being his housekeeper and raising his children, she falls in love with him anyways, and they end happily. In reality, this would end in jail time.

5. American Pie

Four high school friends make a pact to lose their virginity by prom night. The premise of this movie makes some users uneasy as it is. But what bothers them the most is when the boys put a hidden camera to broadcast naked girls, supposedly also high school aged, on the internet.

6. Sixteen Candles

A 16-year-old girl is troubled as her family has forgotten her birthday. In addition, she has a crush on the most popular guy in school, and everything embarrassing that could happen to her does.

A few problems with this movie would not be depicted today. Firstly the underwear show, the uncle’s character, and how he portrays Asians, and not to forget the part of one boy telling the other to take advantage of his girlfriend while she is passed out.

7. Airplane

Airplane! is a slapstick comedy of the 80s, a parody of the disaster film genre, loosely on the 1957 movie Zero Hour. While slapstick humor is an overexaggerated comedy, this movie would push past the boundaries by today’s standards. 

With its controversial slurs and sexual innuendos, this movie left people laughing. Still, Director David Zucker said, “he could only make his Airplane! Film today without the jokes.”

8. Grease

There were mixed feelings on Grease, but most at least agreed it was not meant to be a kid’s movie, even though kids then and today love it. With the catchy tunes, it’s hard not to get up and dance with it. But the lyrics of almost every song were not age appropriate for children. 

Some argue, though, the plot is telling a person to change who they are to be with the one they love, while others say that the story shows that you don’t need to change who you are; people will love you for you. 

9. Manhattan

A 40-year-old man dates a 17-year-old girl. To say this movie didn’t age well is not entirely true, as even in the year it came out, it was criticized for the acceptance of a middle-aged man dating a teenage girl.

10. Big

A young boy wishes to be “big” and wakes the next day to find he is a grown man. Most users say this movie does not age well because of the love story that ensues after the boy becomes an adult, only to return to his proper age.

The movie must have aged ok, as another movie that made the list, 13 going on 30, was the same storyline told from a female perspective.

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