She Left Her Boyfriend Behind and Went on a Trip With Her Friends

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A Reddit user shared her story of having to leave her boyfriend behind when she went on a trip because he forgot his passport.

Forgetful Personality

The original poster (OP) explained that her boyfriend has issues with forgetting documents. She said that after the fourth time he forgot something, she started to hold onto their documents and carried them in her purse. He believes that since all documents have a digital version, that is enough, but OP points out that not all documents have a digital version, and not all places accept the digital version of documents.

One day a couple of months ago, OP’s boyfriend called her asking about his ID because he needed it and where he was did not accept the digital version. OP told him that she had it, and he scolded her and said that the documents should be at home. He told her to stop carrying his documents around.

OP gave him back his documents and told him that she was no longer responsible and would not warn him about things.

In Hot Water

OP said that she and her friends had planned a trip to another country on New Year’s. They decided to get to the airport four hours prior to their flight taking off, and OP checked to make sure she had all of her documents. Her boyfriend watched her check and when he saw she only had one passport, he asked where his was. She told him that he had it.

Her boyfriend panicked and said he thought she would have brought it, and that he left it at home. He decided to go back home to get it and come back. He asked OP to go with him but she didn’t want to spend another four hours in the car. He went back for his passport and OP and her friends went to the airport.

Ultimately, OP’s boyfriend didn’t make it back in time and OP decided she wasn’t going to miss her trip because of his forgetfulness. She turned off her phone and got on the plane. When she arrive, she had several messages from her boyfriend saying he couldn’t believe she had left without him.

He accused her of leaving him on purpose to get back at him for scolding her all those months ago. The flights were either all booked or extra expensive, so he probably will not be able to make it. He is continuing to accuse her of leaving him behind and intentionally not bringing his passport knowing he would forget it.

Should OP have waited for him and not gotten on the plane? Is it her fault that her boyfriend will not be able to join them? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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