10 Super Overrated Cuisines You Should Just Avoid

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From fancy cuisine to dishes, we feel like we have been told we should love. Yet, these people claim these are overrated and really not even delicious.

1. Fancy Cupcakes

Image Credit Elena Photos from Canva

Fancy desserts can take time, leaving a baked cupcake sitting out before it gets frosted. But somebody can sell these cupcakes for $5 to $10 a pop. One user says that fancy cupcakes are below Walmart quality and complains that most of the ones they have tried were relatively dry.

2. Shock Foods

Image Credit: George Dolgikh from Canva

Taking an average food like a milkshake or burger and adding ingredients to make it a monstrosity is known as shock food. A burger piled high with dripping cheese and four patties, topped with onion rings, fries, or other foods, looks good, but does it actually taste good?

One user says no and continues to explain that these foods are usually harder to eat and that too many flavors are going on to make the food particularly good.

3. Mile High Nachos

Image Credit: DAPA Images from Canva

“Wider, not taller,” said one user. Places think building a tower of nachos is what a person wants. But really, what happens is the chips below don’t get any of the cheese or other ingredients on them, and you’re left with dry chips to eat.

4. Gold-Flaked Cuisine

Image Credit: dariolopresti from Canva

Sprinkling edible gold flakes on cuisine can make the dish appear gourmet. Still, users are complaining they don’t add any flavor. They say the flakes have no texture, so they add no crunch. Of course, you wouldn’t even know they were there if it weren’t for visually seeing them.

5. Deconstructed Food

Image Credit: Joshua Resnick from Canva

When you order food, you expect it to be prepared. But there is a trend to order deconstructed food, and then you must assemble it. One user complained they tried a deconstructed salmon cream cheese bagel. Unfortunately, it cost more and was just all the ingredients laid out on a plate.

6. Carne Asada Fries

Image Credit: Joshua Resnick from Canva

Carne asada fries are basically nachos but with french fries instead of chips. Users said they initially tasted delicious, but the fries became mushy before they could finish their plate. The entire plate became a pile that was basically mashed potatoes with toppings.

7. Bacon Craze

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.

Some users are tired of the bacon craze. Bacon on donuts, bacon wrapped everything, etc. Now they also have bacon-flavored things, and according to most users, they are terrible. One user commented about a time they tried bacon-flavored popcorn.

They continued to say after popping it, the smell was horrendous, and everyone had to evacuate and air out the room. Then, still wanting to try it, they claimed the taste was even worse than the smell.

8. Lobster

Image Credit: Joshua Resnick from Canva

One user claimed lobster was overrated. It is delicious but not worth the cost, and they would rather have lobster in something rather than by itself. Another user suggested crab was actually better and less expensive, as well as delicious in dishes and by itself.

9. American Italian Cuisine

Image Credit: DAPA Images from Canva

One user confessed they tell people they don’t like pasta. In reality, they love pasta, but going to a restaurant and ordering an overly priced dish for soggy noodles and a bland tomato sauce over it is not delicious.

10. American Mexican Cuisine

Image Credit: rimmabondarenko from Canva

One user stated they don’t like Mexican American restaurants. They claimed all the dishes combine the same ingredients, tortillas, cheese, beans, etc. However, they present them differently to create different dishes.

They added that their recent trip to Mexico and experience of having real Mexican food only furthered their dislike for the American versions.

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