The Safest City in Every State

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Many people assume that small cities and towns are safer than big cities. MoneyGeek sought to test that assumption.

Lining up the data for large and small cities, we found that small cities and towns do tend to be safer than large cities. However, the distribution of crime costs also shows a significant overlap between crime costs in large cities and smaller cities and towns. In that overlap, small and large cities may have the same per capita cost of crime.

Every State’s Safest City

Still, the data show many unsafe small cities and towns with crime levels comparable to their big-city counterparts.

For example, the per capita cost of crime in the least safe small and large cities is comparable. In Petersburg, Virginia, the least safe small city, the per capita cost of crime is $9,022, nearly as high as St. Louis, Missouri, where the per capita cost of crime is $11,574. Federal Way, Washington (pop. 97,071) has a cost of crime per capita of $1,203, comparable to New York City (pop. 8.4 million), which has a cost of crime per capita of $1,204.

While the safest places to live tend to be smaller, there is not a perfect correlation between population size and crime levels.

Here are the safest cities in every state. 

Note: Data was not available for Alabama, Hawaii or Nevada.

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Juneau, Alaska

Crime cost per capita: $1,931

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Bentonville, Arkansas

Crime cost per capita: $532

Image Credit: Alfredo Carrillo / Wiki Commons.

Oro Valley, Arizona

Crime cost per capita: $126

Image Credit: Danman083 / Wiki Commons.

Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Crime cost per capita: $78

Image Credit: MattGush /iStock.

Castle Rock, Colorado

Crime cost per capita: $193

Image Credit: Robert Young / iStock.

Greenwich, Connecticut

Crime cost per capita: $69

Image Credit: stockphoto52 / iStock.

Newark, Delaware

Crime cost per capita: $376

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Parkland, Florida

Crime cost per capita: $62

Image Credit: MargaretW / iStock.

Milton, Georgia

Crime cost per capita: $90

Image Credit: Thomson200 / Wiki Commons.

Bettendorf, Iowa

Crime cost per capita: $240

Image Credit: felixmizioznikov / iStock.

Pocatello, Idaho

Crime cost per capita: $599

Image Credit: Jordan W. / Wikipedia Commons.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Crime cost per capita:  $22

Image Credit: YourJudge / Wiki Commons.

Westfield, Indiana

Crime cost per capita: $97

Image Credit: Gypsy Picture Show / iStock.

Leawood, Kansas

Crime cost per capita: $161

Image Credit: Ichabod / Wiki Commons.

Georgetown, Kentucky

Crime cost per capita: $384

Image Credit: alexeys / iStock.

Kenner, Louisiana

Crime cost per capita: $971

Image Credit: Infrogmation of New Orleans / Wiki Commons.

Franklin, Massachusetts

Crime cost per capita: $32

Image Credit: John Phelan / Wiki Commons.

Bowie, Maryland

Crime cost per capita: $354

Image Credit: Andrew Bossi/Wikipedia Commons.

Portland, Maine

Crime cost per capita: $358

Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Crime cost per capita: $69

Image Credit: ajay_suresh / Wiki Commons.

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Crime cost per capita: $132

Image Credit: nikitsin / iStock.

Ballwin, Missouri

Crime cost per capita: $134

Image Credit: Dave Herholz / Wiki Commons.

Olive Branch, Mississippi

Crime cost per capita: $1,197

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Bozeman, Montana

Crime cost per capita: $548

Image Credit: DianeBentleyRaymond / istockphoto.

Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina

Crime cost per capita: $122

Image Credit: Alexisrael / iStock.

West Fargo, North Dakota

Crime cost per capita: $343

Image Credit: csfotoimages / istockphoto.

Kearney, Nebraska

Crime cost per capita: $676

Image Credit: allenboe / iStock.

Derry, New Hampshire

Crime cost per capita: $241

Image Credit: Magicpiano / Wiki Commons.

Monroe Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Crime cost per capita: $39

Image Credit: luvemakphoto / iStock.

Farmington, New Mexico

Crime cost per capita: $2,144

Image Credit: AllenS / Wiki Commons.

Carmel Town, New York

Crime cost per capita: $35

Image Credit: Wikilagata / Wiki Commons.

Upper Arlington, Ohio

Crime cost per capita: $65

Image Credit: Postdlf / Wiki Commons.

Edmond, Oklahoma

Crime cost per capita: $410

Image Credit: raksyBH / istockphoto.

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Crime cost per capita: $200

Image Credit: hapabapa / iStock.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Crime cost per capita: $6,018

Image Credit: Sean Pavone / istockphoto.

South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Crime cost per capita: $104

Image Credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel / Wiki Commons.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Crime cost per capita: $210

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Rapid City, South Dakota

Crime cost per capita: $3,179

Image Credit: James_Gabbert/istockphoto.

Brentwood, Tennessee

Crime cost per capita: $101

Image Credit: Concord715 / Wiki Commons.

Southlake, Texas

Crime cost per capita: $89

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Lone Peak, Utah

Crime cost per capita: $74

Image Credit: Derrellwilliams / Wiki Commons.

Blacksburg, Virginia

Crime cost per capita: $159

Image Credit: Smash the Iron Cage / Wiki Commons.

Burlington, Vermont

Crime cost per capita: $906

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Sammamish, Washington

Crime cost per capita: $238

Image Credit: dmitriko / iStock.

New Berlin, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Crime cost per capita: $175

Image Credit: istockphoto.

Morgantown, West Virginia

Crime cost per capita: $356

Image Credit: BackyardProduction / istockphoto.

Casper, Wyoming

Crime cost per capita: $926

Image Credit: Andrew Farkas / iStock.


To rank the safest small cities and towns in the United States, MoneyGeek started with standardized crime statistics reported to the FBI. To determine crime rates per 100,000 people, population data accessed from the FBI was added to the analysis. For purposes of this analysis, MoneyGeek focused on cities with a population between 30,000 and 100,000 residents.

MoneyGeek relied on research by professors Kathryn McCollister and Michael French of the University of Miami and Hai Fang of the University of Colorado Denver to determine the cost of crime to society. Their findings were integrated into the broader data set to better understand the societal cost of crime within individual cities.

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