10 Ugly Names You Should Never Give Your Children

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Naming your children used to be easy. There was a book about that. In today’s society, we all want to give our children a unique name, something they will be remembered for, but only some of these names are winners.

1. Twin Naming

Having twins means coming up with two names for them. Some parents have gotten a bit lazy, and it shows. One user says he heard about a set of twins, a boy, and a girl, named after their father, Anthony. Their names were Anthonhe and Anthonshe.

Another user volunteered that his father always joked he wanted twins so that he could name them Kate and Duplicate or Pete and Repete.

2. Snodgrass

Somebody commented he had a boss with the last name Reflexia. When asked about the unusual last name, his boss told people it was the name of his band when he was in high school. It wasn’t until his boss met an untimely death that he learned why his boss had changed his name. Before the name change, his last name was Snodgrass.

3. Estula

One user tells when she found out her grandmother’s name was Estula. Having known her grandmother as Vicky all her life, she was confused when a letter came for Estula. Her grandmother explained that was her given name. When asked why she went by Vicky, she said, “Would you want to be called Estula?”

She makes a good point, although this word does flow off the tongue quite nicely. She goes on to say, “Not sure where Vicky came from, but I can’t blame her for changing it.”

4. Duff

One user admitted to knowing a woman named duff. She would not let anyone capitalize the d either; it was duff, not Duff. Unsure if this was after Hilary Duff or duff beer, a fictional drink from the Simpsons.

5. Scat

Kids can be cruel when someone has an unusual name. Having a name like Scateshia must have been difficult, but one user says not only did he go to school with her, but she also went by Scat. Not sure they understood the meaning of scat.

6. Chris P. Bacon

Crispy Bacon, or at least a name that sounds alike, is definitely unusual. One user says they went to school with Christopher Patrick Bacon. Then, one day as Chris was writing out his name, he realized Chris P. Bacon was his name.

7. Covid and Corona

Some predicted it would happen, and sure enough, at least one woman named her twins Covid and Corona shortly after the outbreak occurred. As a result, many users wonder if the kids will change their names once they get older.

8. Rage, Chaos, and Havoc

One user replied they had a met a woman who had three kids. She told the user she named them Rage, Choas, and Havoc. Hopefully, for the mother’s sake, the kids did not live up to their names.

9. Felony

One user said they met a person named Felony. While it may sound like a nice name, the meaning is not so lovely, and one may wonder if the parents were thinking of the future when picking this name.

Another user confirmed they had met someone named Felony as well but spelled it as Phelony. Their father was in prison, which seemed like a cruel joke to the child.

10. J-Me

The hyphenated names have emerged. Memes have circulated for years over the hyphen name, but this is the only one named on the list was J-Me, pronounced as Jamie. “One could easily get to this conclusion since the J and Me are easily pronounced, but where is the hyphen going to end?” one user asked.

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